Button Head Screw

A button head screw is a type of socket cap screw with a rounded dome-shaped head. They are often used in applications where the appearance of a finished product is more important than strength. The rounded head of these screws is less likely to catch on items when in use, and the wider load-bearing surface allows for more resistance to loosening than standard socket cap screws.

A screw is a fastener that is typically made of metal and characterized by a helical ridge called an external thread. When screw is turned, the helix ridge cuts into the material being fastened, pulling it together and helping prevent pull-out. Screws are also used to exert compressional or clamping force, as in the case of a washer bonded to the screw head to prevent the screw from coming loose while the item is in use.

Button head socket cap screws are popular in various industrial applications due to their versatility, raised dome head and durable construction. They are particularly well suited for use in confined spaces where head height is limited. Their wide load bearing surface is also useful in preventing looseness, and their low profile ensures they do not get in the way of operation.

These screws are available in a variety of lengths, materials and finishes. When selecting a screw for an application, consider its corrosion resistance and temperature tolerance. Also consider the screw’s head shape and size, if it is a button or pan-head, and whether or not it has a hex drive hole, as this will affect how easy it is to tighten. button head screw

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