Paper Quilling Jewelry

Quilling is a paper-art technique of making delicate shaped coils of paper that are then glued together to form decorative designs. It is a relatively easy and relaxing craft to learn that can be used to make attractive cards, pictures, boxes and other craft items. It can also be manipulated to create a beautiful and unique piece of jewelry.

Quilled paper earrings are a beautiful, yet simple, example of this. The earring pairs shown in the photo are made of a mixture of scrolls and loose coils. The smallest pair uses two sets of teardrop ring coils and the larger design features four set of large domed tight coils.

Although the earrings are primarily constructed with scrolls and coils, they both feature an attractive mix of shapes. This shows the versatility of quilling and is an excellent way to show off a variety of techniques and colors.

Some quillers work without a tool and rely only on their fingers, but many use either a needle tool or slotted tool. Using these tools can help to get the more perfect coils and allows the use of a wider range of diameters for the coils.

A good quality pair of tweezers is essential for this delicate craft, and thread snippers are ideal. They are small and compact enough to fit in your quilling tool box. A small sponge is also a quiller’s best friend. It can hold the needle-tip glue bottle upside down, keeping it moist and preventing it from drying out or clogging. It can also be used to clean glue off sticky fingers. Paper Quilling Jewelry

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